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Why Dog Racing is Worse Than Horse Racing

First, my position on horse racing: it should be banned. But dog racing needs to be banned immediately. Please read the attached editorial by Twig Mowatt from Bark magazine. If you’re feeling really lazy, here are the highlights:

  • "Imagine an accident like Barbaro’s occurring every day in just one state." That’s what happens, just in New Hampshire, where in 2005, 372 dogs were injured at the state’s two tracks, and in just one day, 9 were injured so severely that their careers ended or they were killed ("put to sleep"). zzzzzzzz
  • In Massachusetts, from 2002-2004, 481 injuries were reported, including a broken neck, cardiac arrest, and spinal-cord paralysis. 76 of them ended the dogs’ careers ended or they were killed.
  • A trainer from the Midwest left the business because he had an 83% injury rate.
  • Greyhound racing is legal in 14 states, where there are a total of 42 tracks.
  • At 38 tracks (all but Massachusetts and New Hampshire), record keeping of injuries is NOT required.

Horses have what is known as "residual value," in that after their racing careers, they can still have glamorous lives carrying kids around. Plus, they’re not exactly easy to dispose of. But greyhounds are easily killed and buried, and they have no value when their careers are over. (Again, both "sports" should be banned.)

Grey2Kusa is the nation’s top organization dedicated to banning the racing of dogs. They lobby, which as you know, in my opinion, is the only way to create sustainable change for animals in the US. It also means your contributions aren’t tax deductible. But that shouldn’t be a reason not to give.

Check them out, read the Bark article, and get involved if you want to save greyhounds.

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